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Tailored to Your Sound

With a background in blues, rock, country, folk, americana, christian, and pop music, Zack is a versatile, experienced guitarist that always strives to meet the the artist's musical vision. Seeking to go beyond technical ability or musical competence, Zack always strives to be as easy to work with as possible, while providing top-quality work, professionalism, and musicianship. 


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I’ve had the privilege of playing music with Zack for several years, and I knew when I met him that he was not your average guitar player. There are few musicians that truly love music, no matter the style or genre. Zack is one of these people. He is absolutely a first class guitar player that is a must-have addition to any band.
— John McCullough - Worship Leader, North Point Ministries
Zack is my go-to lead guitarist. There is never a doubt that he will be prepared and he is easy to communicate with. I appreciate that because it also holds my band to a higher standard. I’m excited to see his creativity in the writing of my upcoming album, as well.
— Trace Pridgen - Trace Pridgen Band
Zack is not only a dynamically talented guitar player, but a musician who exudes true integrity and passion for what he does. He aligns dedication with enthusiasm, and sharing the stage with him is always an honor!
— Alex Stern - Nashville-Based Singer/Songwriter
Zack Terry is one of those guitar players who has passion and professionalism. He always comes prepared, but also throws himself into the music to give a standout performance.
— Bobby Smith - Founder, The Studio B
Zack plays guitar for me sometimes. We also smoke cigars and drink bourbon together. If you like those things, you should probably hire him.
— Pat Kiloran

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A Little more

About Zack

A resident of Nashville, TN, by way of Auburn, AL (War Eagle), and Marietta, GA, Zack picked up a guitar for the first time when he was 13, swapping out his first instrument, the drums, as soon as he laid hands on one. He fell in love with the guitar immediately and has been pursuing it ever since. Driven by the ability to collaborate with others, whether that's playing a live show or working together in the studio, Zack enjoys the creative process of exploring ideas with other musicians. If you need more guitar in your life, simply click "reach out" at the bottom of any page to drop him a note.